Morning Preparations (Day 4)

First, a look into how I spent my morning :)

I (unintentionally) slept in a little late this morning, but it was great to get some good sleep. I woke up with lots of motivation to get my refrigerator organized, prepare a few meals in advance, and of course, have a delicious breakfast smoothie.

Step One: Make a delicious breakfast smoothie.

Step Two: Eat… Enjoy.

Step Three: Tackle the rest of the day.

I popped some quinoa on the stove, so I can have a few servings waiting and ready to go in the fridge. I know it’ll be great for those times I end up super hungry without time to cook. Just add a little bit of vegan butter and pepper for an instant healthy snack! Also, great to have on hand for Abe, when I’m not home to cook dinner.


Then, I realized I’d have a super crazy afternoon, with no time to make dinner before my yoga class… so I decided to make dinner ahead of time too! Sheesh, will I ever get out of the kitchen? :P I stirred up the bean soup recipe I was already planning to make, chopped up the chard to sprinkle on top, and stored the individual servings in the fridge for easy dinner prep.


All the while, this little guy was vacuuming up the carrot pieces that fell on the floor during my veggie chopping frenzy. He made out like a bandit. The silly little guy proudly carried this carrot piece around all morning :P


Okay, on to today’s meal plan! I still have some dairy products in my fridge that I’m trying to not let go to waste… I’m really looking forward to the day they’re all used up! I have half of a large container of greek yogurt left that I can’t let go to waste, and Abe won’t eat the “plain”. But rest assured, my cow’s milk yogurt will soon be replaced with either soy yogurt, almond yogurt, or coconut yogurt! I tried one brand of soy yogurt yesterday; it was great!

Day Four:

Raw Protein Vegan Meal Powder with frozen banana
Note: I also made it with Almond Breeze unsweetened almond milk (our favorite), to make it extra thick this morning. At only 40 calories per cup, it’s a really nice “treat” :)

Steamed Asparagus
Eggless Egg Salad on half pita
Note: I’ve read a number of recipes for eggless egg salad, and decided to “wing it” and combine a few of them together. Mine included tofu, raw broccoli, mustard, pepper, paprika, rosemary, and garlic powder. Yum!

Plain Fat-Free Greek Yogurt… have to use it up :\
Just Veggies, freeze dried crunchy vegetables :)

Black Bean Soup (altered from this; added carrots and raw chard)
Steamed Zucchini

Today’s meal plan was a great day for protein, raw foods, and I even managed to keep sugars reasonably low! I just love tracking my foods on MyFitnessPal, and getting all this data. I do wish it showed more nutrients, like antioxidants, and all the good stuff that nutrition labels just don’t show… A girl can dream, right!

P.S. I’m looking for some feedback… I’d love to hear your thoughts. I’m new to this whole blogging world. Would you like to see this continue, for the time being, as a daily menu of meal plans and adventures during my vegan transition? Or, would you like to see just the awesome recipe inspirations that I find? Or, just some detailed looks into different nutrients and sources? Or, all of the above? Just wondering what would be of most interest, help, and inspiration to the few readers there are out there~


2 thoughts on “Morning Preparations (Day 4)

  1. Being a new vegan I do find it helpful when people show what they are eating and preparing for themselves. It gives me ideas! However, it’s good to throw other things in as well. Just write whatever you like as I enjoy reading everyone’s stories about veganism.

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