Personal Daily Goals (Day 6)

~ Posting this early, because tomorrow will be a laaaaazy day after the midnight showing of The Hobbit! You can tell I planned ahead, with all the leftovers ;)

I’d like to take a quick moment to point out the obvious: these daily meal plans I’ve been creating for myelf during my first week of being vegan, are designed specifically for me, and for my specific vegan health goals and needs. I realized yesterday, as I was sautéing my fresh cauliflower and frozen green beans in vegetable broth instead of some sort of oil, that my vegan daily goals are almost certainly different from yours, in calorie amount, nutrition, and limitations.

So, what are my specific goals and needs?

First, the issue that keeps me up at night. Sometimes, quite literally, and painfully: If you read my short bio, you know that I’ve been fighting with my gall bladder for about thirteen months now. I can no longer eat anything (anything!) that has been cooked in oil, contains oil of any form, or even looks like it might be oily. Any recipe I use has to be altered to not include any oil. Also, because of my gall bladder, I have to keep my fat intake very low. If I have avocado and peanut butter on the same day, that’s a recipe for disaster! Even though they both contain good fats, it’s all bad fats for my gall bladder.

To sum up: Because I am cautious of my gall bladder sneaking up on me and stabbing me in the back, my daily goal for grams of fat is… as low as possible.

Second, I am in the middle of a journey towards physical fitness and health. In the same thirteen months, I’ve lost 63 pounds, and still have at least 7 more to go until I reach my goal. I’ve been going about these changes in the healthiest way possible: by simply eating simpler and healthier, not dieting, and exercising my butt off! I feel that I’ve successfully transformed my life from late night pizzas fueling homework cram sessions into a life of early morning bananas fueling exercise classes!

To sum up: Because I am still working towards losing weight and gaining muscle, my daily goal for calorie intake is net 1300 (meaning, 1300 + however many calories I burn off exercising), and my daily goal for protein intake is… as high as possible.

That being said, I don’t expect anybody to follow these meal plans exactly, anyways ;) But, I do hope that some of my meals will inspire you to be more creative with your vegan cooking, and hang in there on the journey to your own personal health goals and needs~

Today’s Meal Plan:

Amazing antioxidant smoothie: Fresh orange, frozen banana, frozen strawberries, POM pomegranate-blueberry juice, and a bunch of kale. Possibly my new favorite!
Leftover Whole Wheat Blueberry Bran Muffin

Leftover Creamless Cream of Mushroom Soup minus the oils
Leftover Whole Wheat Blueberry Bran Muffin
Just Veggies, freeze dried crunchy vegetables :)

Soy Yogurt

Yesterday’s leftover lunch: fresh cauliflower and frozen green beans, sauteed in a little vegetable broth, served on a bed of raw chopped rainbow chard, with a side of raw beet slices. Still… Yum!


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