One Week Done! (Day 8)

Today marks one week of vegan eating.

Let me tell you: I have never enjoyed cooking and baking and eating, nearly as much as I have enjoyed it this week, in my whole life! Seriously. I’m eating good. And it tastes gourmet.

If you take away one thing from this blog post: vegan eating is less about limiting what you eat, and more about expanding what you eat! At this point, I already don’t even miss cow’s milk yogurt, cheese, or eggs (and if I did, there are a number of soy, coconut, or almond alternatives out there to choose from). I’m just too preoccupied with all the amazing foods that I am eating to notice!

After only seven days of studying vegan recipes and meal ideas on all my favorite vegan cooking blogs, I am starting to feel confident enough to start making up my own recipes! Today’s soup is a combination of a few recipes I wanted to try, but, just decided to sort of mash them all together, wing it, and create a soup out of whatever was available in the fridge. I made it while eating my breakfast smoothie, and after licking the spoon a couple times during the cooking process, I can’t wait to eat it for lunch!

It’s been fun trying to incorporate as many raw foods into my daily meals as I can. I don’t think I’m near the 50% mark yet. But, I now know that I love raw chard and kale and broccoli on top of my soups; I love raw beet slices; I love adding spiralized raw zucchini to my soups and salads; and I love my raw meal protein smoothies! My next goal? Learn to make raw cashew “cheese”~

I’m also really enjoying studying the nutrition I’m getting from all these healthy foods. Much more than I thought I would. I love challenging myself every day to get more than enough vitamins, nutrients, and protein, just from my plant foods. So much so that I’ve been looking into some vegetarian or vegan nutrition classes, so I can learn more! Class options seem limited in Salem, but there are a few sprinkled here and there at our local Lifesource Natural Foods: I signed up for a raw vegan cooking class at the end of January :)

Well, on to Today’s Meal Plan:

Breakfast~ Awesome Raw Smoothie: Fresh orange, frozen banana, frozen strawberries, Bolthouse 100% carrot juice, a bunch of kale, and Raw Protein Powder.

Organic Rice Cake & Adam’s Peanut Butter
Just Veggies, freeze dried crunchy vegetables

Roasted Veggie Soup: Baked sweet potato, mushroom, butternut squash, steamed cauliflower, vegetable broth, garlic powder, and rosemary, blended together. Topped with tiny raw broccoli pieces and oil-free sun dried tomatoes. Um, wow.

Herb and “Cheese” Drop Biscuits, altered from this recipe
Homemade Cranberry Sauce (just cranberries)
“Taste Testing” homemade vegan chocolate biscotti, for gifts~

I’ll leave you with a few favorite food pictures from the past week:







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