Planning for the Holidays (Day 10)

One important key to the vegan lifestyle that I’ve already learned is:

It’s super important to plan ahead.

And with the holidays upon us, I find myself already planning what I’ll need to make and bring to our Christmas evening dinner, Christmas morning brunch, and Christmas evening dessert! I shouldn’t put the pressure on extended family to go out of their way to make anything special for me, so I’ll just bring some dishes for myself, with some extra to share :)

With only ten days under my belt, I haven’t gotten all of this streamlined yet, but I’m getting there!

  • First, I’m using my Google calendar to plan which days I have time to cook or bake, and which days I’ll need to eat leftovers or quick and easy “go to” vegan meals.
  • Then, I’m using Pinterest and vegan food blogs to find awesome recipes. There are so many out there to choose from, it’s hard to know where to begin! Obviously, with the most delicious ;)
  • And lastly, I’m using the notepad on my phone to create a handy shopping list and track which ingredients I need to pick up for which recipes.

How do you plan ahead?

Do you plan ahead?

* * *

So, for the time being, I don’t think I’ll continue posting all my daily meals. It seemed like a great idea at first, but started to get a little tedious for me. But! I’d like to focus more on sharing specific recipes, cooking successes and failures, milestones, nutrition information, inspiration, and anything else I learn and can pass on to you, daily or nearly daily~

Currently, I changed blog “themes” to one that is designed specifically for menus and recipes! Figuring that out, and hope to have it up and running soon, with a few favorite recipes so far :)


2 thoughts on “Planning for the Holidays (Day 10)

  1. I’m in the same boat, trying to find a day to cook and prep. I made a big pot of vegan chili the other day (about 8 servings) and froze a few of them. Makes for a good lunch on the go.

  2. Sounds great! I haven’t made vegan chili yet, but will add that to my list of things to try. For our family’s Christmas brunch, I’m making a vegan quiche, big red and green salad, fresh fruit, and trying a store-bought vegan “roast”. I love Tofurky, but decided to give Field Roast’s version a chance this year, since I love their apple sage “sausages” :)

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