[Off-Topic] Winter Solstice

Today is the winter solstice. Celebrated since ancient times as a day of regeneration and renewal. It’s the day we receive the least amount of sunlight, but the way I see it, the one day of the year with the most potential for growth! From here on out, each day will only get brighter and warmer~

Today is also the day Abe and I chose to get married!

Well, “phase one” of our wedding plans, in the official sense of the word.

This evening with our closest family, we’ll get all the legal parts of our wedding out of the way, share some laughs, then share some awesome food at Marco Polo: the only restaurant in Salem with a full separate vegetarian menu, and the majority of those options are clearly marked vegan. Yum!

Still looking forward to next autumn equinox for “phase two” of our wedding plans: our ceremony and personal vows to each other, celebrating our love and life together, surrounded by all of our family and closest friends, in a beautiful forest setting. Can’t wait~

Let’s just hope the world doesn’t end today ;P

Note: Some future blog posts I’ve been working on include: learning to dine out with confidence, finding the best vegan sources of certain nutrients and protein, and taste tests of different vegan cheeses, milks, and yogurts. Looking forward to the taste tests :)


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