Holiday Menu (Two Weeks!)

Today marks two weeks of vegan eating eating, and it’s (already!) starting to feel natural. In fact, I love it! I’ve honestly never enjoyed cooking and eating as much as I have these past two weeks.

I mentioned before that I’ve been working on planning my meals ahead of time. I do this for a few reasons:

  1. I never want to get stuck, starving, either at home or out running errands, and not have anything vegan to eat! My cupboards are filled now, mostly, with vegan foods. But, because Abe isn’t vegan, there are still some dairy products in the house: cheese, greek yogurt, some boxed noodles.
  2. I really want to take a look at my whole day’s meal plan before I start eating, so I can make sure I’m getting a good balance of the right nutrients and protein, spread evenly throughout breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  3. I really don’t like wasting foods, so I plan to make larger dishes or soups on certain days of the week, then can be sure to eat the leftovers the following day or two. Because of my crazy schedule, the days of the week available to cook, and the days of the week that I will need quick and easy leftovers, will change week to week.
  4. The holidays…

Between Abe and I, we have a lot of family groups to get together with for the holidays! Every year, we have Christmas Eve dinner with his parents, Christmas brunch with his other parents, and Christmas dinner or dessert with my parents. While there are often a number of vegetarian dishes to choose from, there will likely not be many (okay honestly, any) vegan options. So, I’ll need to bring anything and everything that I’d like to eat! I also plan to bring some extras, to share some nibbles and perhaps get others interested in vegan cooking :)

Here’s a peek at my holiday menu, designed to use the most leftovers, while still keeping things interesting and a little different for each meal:

Christmas Eve Dinner~
Christmas Tree Salad with chard, pomegranate, apple, and orange
Baked Greek-Seasoned Brussel Sprouts and Asparagus
Field Roast Celebration Roast
So Delicious Coconut Milk Ice Cream

Christmas Morning Brunch~
Vegan Broccoli Quiche with Whole Wheat Crust
More Christmas Tree Salad
More Baked Greek-Seasoned Brussel Sprouts and Asparagus
Assorted Fresh Fruits

Christmas Dinner~
More Vegan Broccoli Quiche with Whole Wheat Crust
Chez Gourmet (local) Oregon Harvest Patty
More Christmas Tree Salad
More So Delicious Coconut Milk Ice Cream

I had big ambitions of making some totally homemade vegan cranberry cheesecake bars with walnut crust and crumbles… maybe a second batch of the (awesome) vegan lemon rosemary shortbread cookies… but then reality set in, and I realized I was already baking my very first quiche and my very first crust! Two things I’ve heard can be challenging. Hence, the store bought field roast, and the coconut milk ice cream. That way I don’t get overwhelmed with doing all the cooking, but can still add a few new recipes to my repertoire.

Happy holidays, everybody~


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