Altering Recipes (Day 19)

I will openly admit my laziness over this holiday vacation. The lack of blog posts here is a testament to how much I’ve been enjoying some much needed time away from responsibilities!

Well, okay… taking a kitty to the vet (twice) is not really a break from responsibilities. Nor is making home-cooked vegan meals for all the holiday gatherings, or baking home-cooked vegan treats for friends and family gifts. Nor is paying bills and planning an upcoming trip out of state. But! At least it’s been a break from the usual routine. And has given me one day (today!) to stay in my pajamas from morning to night, lounge about with Abe, and have a “snacky” day full of carbohydrate goodness. Yessssssss.

On to the vegan stuff.

Today I’d like to talk about altering recipes!

I’ve noticed how very rarely I actually follow a recipe word for word. It seems strange to me, particularly because I don’t consider myself much of a cook. However, I find myself regularly making ingredient substitutions, and absolutely loving them.

For example, today’s stew: I left out the potatoes (because I didn’t want to go into a carb coma), the mushrooms (so Abe would actually eat the stew), and a few other seasonings that I didn’t have on hand. I added my own seasonings, artichoke hearts, and one small diced orange tomato. In addition to that, I replaced whole garlic cloves for store-bought garlic diced in water, and I replaced vegetable broth with water and bouillon seasoning.

Is it the same stew?

Not exactly.

Is it delicious?


And really, it’s hard to go wrong when substituting one vegetable for another, bouillon seasoning for vegetable broth, quinoa for millet, or chopped garlic in a jar for fresh garlic cloves. Yes, fresh does always taste better.

It’s more important to remember:

What’s the best, healthiest, freshest, home-cooked vegan meal you can eat?

The one you actually make, regardless of whether or not you have all the exact ingredients the recipe calls for.

Today’s Super Carbtastic Meal Plan (if you can call it a meal plan!):

Raw Protein Vegan Meal Powder with frozen banana

Tofurky Italian Sausage Vegan Pizza… yum!
Spaghetti Squash

Homemade Shepard’s Stew, topped with Raw Kale
1 slice Dave’s Killer Bread

Chic-o-Stick ;)

Note: After two vet visits, Ranger is doing a little better, but still under supervision. Poor kitty :\



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