Resolutions (Day 23)

Like most people, this time of year always makes me feel introspective and reflective… Each December, I like to take some time to think of the year behind and the year ahead, acknowledging victories and hurdles, and setting goals~

What milestones have I met in 2012?

  • Married the love of my life (after growing together for 7 years);
  • Went vegan (after being vegetarian for 17 years);
  • Lost 66 pounds and gained a healthy lifestyle;
  • Started learning to eat nutritiously instead of conveniently;
  • Gave back to the community through regular volunteer work;
  • Rescued two new critters;
  • Re-homed one stray kitty; and
  • Continued my self employment doing something I’m passionate about!

What milestones am I working towards in 2013?

  • Successfully (and not stressfully) plan and enjoy our awesome forest wedding on the autumn equinox: September 21, 2013. Full of family and friends, our “green wedding” will really signify who we are, as individuals, and as a couple.
  • Continue to work towards my fitness goals, by continuing to include exercise in my daily routine, and also by joining a local gym. I have 4 more pounds to lose before I reach my initial goal, and am near the point of being able to get muscle tone! Rad.
  • Continue to learn and improve my vegan and raw nutrition, by taking cooking classes,  maybe some basic nutrition courses, and investing in a dehydrator. Can you say homemade fruit roll ups, dried strawberries, and kale chips??
  • I’d like to help those around me eat more wholesome foods, by continuing to lead by example without being overbearing, but also by sharing cooking days, hosting vegan dinners, sharing recipes on this blog, or even sharing my backyard garden space!
  • Complete the Master Recycler Program. I’m signed up for this spring!
  • Continue to volunteer my time, one day a week, to a worthy cause.
  • I’d like to streamline my business, in order to make more free time for such things. I love my photography, I love having my own studio space, I love working with awesome clients, but I’ve just worked myself too much since I hung out my shingle. Man, my boss is tough!
  • And, most importantly, I’d like to enjoy life and love with family and friends ♥

What are your goals and ambitions?

How far have you come in just one year?

How far can you go in the next year?

Good things to think about~

We’ll be ringing in the new year with a few friends, our fuzzy critters, a vegan taco and nacho party, and some movies or video games. There will be pictures, I’m sure ;) For now, here’s a snap of tonight’s treat: Vegan Dark Chocolate Pomegranate Clusters!


P.S. These are mischievous little clusters. Somehow, I made twelve, but there are now only ten. I wonder how that could happen ;)

See you next year~


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