Fitness Plan (Day 25)

January 2nd, 2013. The day the world wakes up from New Years Day holiday slumber and attempts to hold true to resolutions made when they were bleary eyed and nostalgic. How did I spend the day? Bought a brand new exercise outfit and cashed in my free 3-Day Pass to a local gym :D

In short: I feel exhilarated! I feel so excited to push onward towards my fitness goals, in a way that I haven’t felt since I first began my fitness journey about thirteen months ago.

Having never ever even been inside a gym before, I didn’t really know where to start… there were so many options, and because I was only on the free pass, no personal trainer to show me around until I sign up officially.

First, I went upstairs and found an empty room with elliptical trainers. Score. I spent thirty minutes jogging two miles though a virtual tour of Italy, which was pretty fun!

Then, I meandered downstairs and stared blankly at most of the machines. How the hell does that work? What about that strange looking gizmo over there? Do you sit or stand? Needless to say, I felt a little out of my element. One person even felt compelled to come over and tell me I was using one of the machines wrong, and showed me hoe to properly use it. #embarassed

But, I got in a solid thirty minutes of strength training, with a focus on arms, back, and abs. Maybe someday I’ll actually have abs…

The result? I’m hooked. Signing up tomorrow.

* * *

On a related note, you may (or, probably did not) notice that I also felt inspired today to add a page to this site called My Fitness Journey. I know this is a blog about my journey from vegetarian to vegan, but, I felt the two journeys do compliment each other well!

While we’re talking about my fitness journey, I’d like to remind you that I post all sorts of delicious vegan food photos on my Instagram stream. If you’re all about Instagram too, find me on there for daily inspiration!

Also, in light of my new additional excitement about reaching my fitness goals, I’ve decided to add a little more information to my daily meals plans, and also post my fitness plans and daily nutrients :)

* * *

Here’s a little peek into the difference one year can make.

On the left, you’ll see me at 199 pounds, summer of 2011. At this point I was just finished with college, at my heaviest, and still thinking anything vegetarian was healthy ;)

On the right, that’s me today, 67 pounds lighter, and starting to be more knowledgeable about a real healthy active vegan lifestyle!


Where will I be in one more year? Where will you be in one more year?

* * *

Today’s Meal Plan:

Raw Protein Vegan Meal Powder with Frozen Banana

Organic Brown Rice Cake
Adam’s Chunky Peanut Butter (no salt added)

Raw Beets
Trader Joe’s Frozen Vegetable Biryani (curried rice with veggies)
Organic Rice Chips with (fat free) Refried Black Beans & Fresh Salsa

Homemade Creamless Cream of Mushroom Soup
Fresh Green Beans, steamed in water
Gardein Mandarin Orange “Chick’n”
Toasted Sesame Seeds

So Delicious Mini Coconut Milk Ice Cream Sandwich

Today’s Fitness Plan:

50-minutes Water Aerobics
30-minutes Elliptical, two miles, level 5
30-minutes Strength, arms, back, abs
50-minutes Yoga Level II

How did today’s nutrients look?

I got a whopping 105 grams of protein today! Wow.
Great fiber, came in at 52 grams.
Maxed out Vitamin A (116%), Vitamin C (398%), and Iron (403%).
Came in just shy of what is recommended for Calcium and Potassium.
Sodium was a little high… the culprit was the Frozen Biryani :\
Carbohydrates were just under, and sugars were just over.
Cholesterol, as usual, was 0.

Calories In = 1735
Calories Out = 686
Net Calories = 1049
This is quite a bit less than my goal of Net Calories 1200-1300, but, I really couldn’t eat any more! It’s not often that I burn 600+ calories in one day…


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