More Revamping + Day 35

Good morning! Did you miss me? Well, probably not, but, I’m still here and still going strong with the plant-based lifestyle! I’ve got a few upcoming fine-tuning changes to the blog and announcements to discuss~

  • If you hadn’t noticed already, I’ve created a page for One Lazy Vegan on Facebook! My vision for the page is an active community of vegans, vegetarians, and the vegetable-curious, where everyone can feel comfortable sharing links to recipes, sharing photos of their vegan creations, and sharing tips for others. So far, so good! The page has 50+ fans already, and a few have been really interactive, posting recipes, and sharing why they are vegan. This should be fun.
  • Note: You can also follow me on Pinterest (where I post all sorts of awesome vegan recipes I come across, and “pin” to test out later) and Instagram (where I post more food photos than you would ever want to see, along with the obligatory puppy, kitty, and bunny photos of my critters).
  • I plan to change my post schedule to one weekly overview post, with a few favorite daily meal plans from the week. I felt it may have been getting a little repetitive for my readers: Raw Vegan Protein Meal with Frozen Banana for breakfast again? Yes! It’s my favorite! haha. But also, as I’ve gotten much more accustomed to the vegan lifestyle already, it was also not as beneficial for myself personally, as it was in the beginning. More interesting for you + more convenient for me = win/win!
  • The new addition to my posts will be: cost breakdowns. Besides “where do you get your protein?” and “what the heck do you eat?”, my third most asked question is, “but how much does it cost?”. To be honest, I’ve found that, yes, I’m spending a little more on groceries in order to have so many fresh fruits and vegetables in the house every day. But, I’m going out to eat much less, which balances out the cost. Also, what better way can one possibly spend money, than improving health? Talk about life insurance ;)
  • And lastly, I’m determined to add many, many more recipes over the next few weeks. Since going vegan, my interest in cooking has shot through the roof! I’ve been cooking like crazy, and have so many altered recipes to share with you. Bring on the goodness.

* * *

Today’s Meal Plan:

Raw Protein Vegan Meal Powder (Cocoa) with Frozen Banana annnnd Frozen Strawberries. This took my favorite breakfast to a whole new level!

Adam’s Chunky Peanut Butter (no salt added) with Celery
1/2 Acorn Squash, plain

Three small whole wheat flax White Corn Tortillas, stuffed with Fat-Free Refried Black Beans, Zucchini, Garlic, Onion, Mushroom, Raw Chard, Fresh Salsa, and Green Taco Sauce

“OMG Oven Baked Onion Rings” from Appetite for Reduction
Green Beans, steamed

Banana Cocoa “soft serve ice cream”… amazing…

Today’s Fitness Plan:

50-minutes Water Aerobics
60-minute Photo Shoot

How did today’s nutrients look?

I got right at my minimum 65 grams of protein today.
Great fiber, came in at 63 grams.
Maxed out Vitamin A (159%), Vitamin C (480%), and Iron (443%).
Met my Calcium with 123%.
Came in just shy of what is recommended for Potassium.
Sodium was alright, came in at 2573 mg.
Carbohydrates and sugars were just over
Cholesterol, as usual, was 0.

Calories In = 1594
Calories Out = 460
Net Calories = 1134


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