[Off Topic] Rescuing Rabbits (Week 7)

These past few weeks have been really emotionally draining and stressful for me, as I first dealt with some unexpected drama involving an abusive rabbit “rescue” situation, then dealing with my own little bunny falling ill.

Innocent Little Bunnies~

It all started January 20th.

A fledgling Rabbit Rescue in the area posted on Facebook that they were looking for volunteers. A friend of mine suggested she and I volunteer, socializing bunnies, and helping with whatever they may need. I spend a lot of my time volunteering, but have ben looking for a way to volunteer more with animals. Perfect!

Unfortunately, it was not perfect.

We walked in and knew immediately this was NOT a good situation for those rabbits. This “rescue” had 21 rabbits kept in small dirty cages, one in a puppy crate, most in outdoor rooms with no heat, with dirty water, and  litter boxes (along with the whole ground around the cages) literally covered in rabbit poop. The smell was overwhelming.

In one room, two bunnies had eaten through drywall. Most bunnies seemed in decent health, but one bunny had very overgrown teeth from lack of attention and chew sticks, and others had evidence of past fighting, bite wounds, an injured eye, from improper socialization. Un-spayed and un-neutered bunnies were still breeding and having large litters, only adding to the problem.

The “rescue” organizers wanted the volunteers to clean out their garage, in order to move all the bunnies to the unheated uninsulated dark room, where they will get even less interaction, in stacked cages.

Now, as filthy as this place was, it was obvious it was simply a matter of laziness. After spending about 30 minutes there, I knew that one or two motivated people could have the whole place squeaky clean with only a day’s work. Yet here were two adults and one child, letting these bunnies (and themselves) live in filth.

I was heartbroken… but managed to keep my cool while we were there. I even managed to snap some pictures for evidence, under the guise of “oh, what a cute bunny! I’ll take a picture”.

Where To Turn~

When I got home that afternoon, I immediately started researching who would be the best organization to contact. There were two rabbit organizations I knew I could trust, one in Portland, and one in Eugene. I wrote to them describing what I’d witnessed. Within just a few hours, I had a response from both. They both suggested I contact the Oregon Humane Society, so I filed a thorough report of the abusive situation.

A few days later, an OHS officer made a site visit. Due to confidentiality reasons, they cannot disclose how the site visit went. But fortunately, I believe the “rescue” was surprised, and therefore didn’t have a chance to clean up beforehand. A few days after that, one of the rabbit organizations I contacted, also made a site visit. They said the “rescue” had cleaned up the surface areas, but still smelled strongly of urine. This organization had already had a stern talking with the “rescue” in the past, so this was not their first offense.


January 30th brought excellent news:

That night, we could all go to bed a little easier knowing that the bunnies at the “rescue” will be moving on to much better lives. All of their bunnies will be relocated to other shelters in the area, where they will no longer be living in filth, puppy crates, and piles of bunny poop and dirty hay. These bunnies will no longer be eating drywall, drinking dirty water, living in the cold, or making more bunny babies.

The rescue who made the site visit stepped up to donate materials and quality housing units for their six remaining pet bunnies, with the understanding that they will never again operate as a rescue, and never exceed more than ten bunnies.

We went to that place to volunteer with rescue bunnies, and ended up helping the bunnies in a totally unexpected way: by actually rescuing them. It wasn’t easy being the bad guy, but I feel so happy in my heart knowing the right decision was made for the sake of the bunnies!

In the Meantime, an Unfortunate Twist~

I have two sweet bunny snugglers of my own: little Lunan and big Clover. About 48 hours after initially visiting the “rescue”, little Lu fell sick with leaky eyes and leaky nose. I took the poor little guy to our vet immediately the next morning. He said it was very possible that I brought home some bacteria from the other bunnies, and inadvertently passed it to Lu.

The good news was, it seemed to only have affected Lu, as Clover showed no signs of illness. As a precaution, however, they were to be separated for easy monitoring of Lu’s eating, drinking, and digestion.

A temporary pen wall couldn’t keep these two from sharing some love.


Eye drop antibiotics did the trick clearing up his eyes and nose, but Lu was worsening. He now had a clear lump on his lymph node, causing him to chew slower, and eat less. The vet explained that bunnies have a way of “walling off” bacteria into lymph nodes or other lumps, allowing the bacteria to grow and worsen.

Lu underwent minor surgery to drain the lump, which was full of thick fluid too thick to drain with a syringe. The poor guy came home with a drainage tube the size of a drinking straw sticking out of his jaw.

That was two days ago. His condition is not very promising. He is now not eating or drinking on his own, so we are hand feeding him high nutrient foods and water with a syringe. I continue to give him antibiotics twice a day, probiotics once a day, and sponge baths in the evening.

Please, please, send your warm wishes to little Lu… I would give anything to see him happy again, like the photos below:




* * *

New recipes added this week:

I’m really sorry, but am having some technical difficulties with my recipes! For some reason, all the links broke… I’ve already spent hours and hours trying to fix it, with no luck :(

* * *

Highlighted food and fitness day from this week:

Monday’s Meal Plan:

Nearly Raw Green Smoothie: 2 cups fresh spinach, 3 large asian pears, 1/2 cup frozen strawberries, 1 cup unsweetened almond milk, 1 scoop Raw Protein Powder, ice cubes, and cinnamon. Not my favorite combination, because the pear was just too subtle to sweeten up the tinge of the somewhat sour spinach. But it was good for a green smoothie :)

Adam’s Chunky Peanut Butter (no salt added)
Lundberg organic Brown Rice Cake

Shepard’s Stew
1 slice Dave’s Killer Bread, The Good Seed Sprouted Wheat
Steamed Broccoli & Cauliflower
1/2 cup cranberries

Shepard’s Stew
Raw Protein Vegan Meal Powder (Cocoa) with Frozen Banana and Psyllium Husks.

1/2 Lenny & Larry’s Compete Vegan Chocolate Cookie

(17) 8 oz servings

Monday’s Fitness Plan:

50-minutes Water Aerobics
30-minutes Strength Pilates
30-minutes Cardio Kickboxing

How Did Nutrients Look?

I got a whopping 111 grams of protein today.
Awesome fiber, came in at 99 grams.
Maxed out Vitamin A (354%), Vitamin C (701%), & Iron (534%).
Just passed Calcium (169%) and Potassium (3852 g).
Sodium was high, came in at 3873 mg. Maybe from the packaged cookie?
Carbohydrates & Sugars were a touch high, but fruit carbs are good!
Cholesterol, as usual, was 0.

Calories In = 1997
Calories Out = 617
Net Calories = 1380

* * *

Tuesday’s Meal Plan:

Nearly Raw Green Smoothie: 2 cups Kale, 1 Frozen Banana, 1/2 large Cucumber, 2 Kiwis, 8 oz. Coconut Water, topped with Bob’s Red Mill organic raw Whole Flaxseeds. Super tasty!

Adam’s Chunky Peanut Butter (no salt added)
Lundberg organic Brown Rice Cake

Leftover Shepard’s Stew
Freeze Dried Corn, Green Peas, and Zucchini

Mini Flax Soft Tacos (simplified): Fiber & Flax White Corn Tortillas, Refried Black Beans, Diced Tomatoes, and Avocado.

1/2 Cantaloupe
1/2 Raw Protein Vegan Meal Powder (Cocoa) with Frozen Banana and Psyllium Husks.

(17) 8 oz servings

Tuesday’s Fitness Plan:

30-minutes Elliptical
30-minutes Strength Training
30-minutes Treadmill 4.0 MPH (2 miles!)

How Did Nutrients Look?

I got just on the low side of great, 82 grams of protein.
Great on fiber, came in at 76 grams.
Maxed out Vitamin A (526%), Vitamin C (829%), & Iron (453%).
Came in just shy of what is recommended for Calcium (97%).
Great Potassium, with 3484 mg.
Sodium was a little high, with 3569 grams.
Carbohydrates & Sugars were barely over, but fruit carbs are good!
Cholesterol, as usual, was 0.

Calories In = 1839
Calories Out = 540
Net Calories = 1299

* * *

Saturday’s Meal Plan:

Old-Fashioned Rolled Oats, 2 Kiwis, 1 Banana, 1/2 cup Cranberries, and 1/2 oz whole natural Almonds. My favorite :)

Adam’s Chunky Peanut Butter (no salt added)
Lundberg organic Brown Rice Cake

Black Bean Vegan Vegetable Chili, topped with Raw Chard and Better than Sour Cream.

1/2 Raw Protein Vegan Meal Powder (Cocoa) with Frozen Strawberries and Psyllium Husks.

Gardein Mandarin Orange “Chick’n”
Tons of Green Beans

(15) 8 oz servings

Saturday’s Fitness Plan:

60-minutes Treadmill 4.5 MPH, Rolling Hills (4.5 miles!)

How Did Nutrients Look?

I got 86 grams of protein today.
Good on fiber, came in at 66 grams.
Maxed out Vitamin A (347%), Vitamin C (803%), & Iron (478%).
Came in just shy of what is recommended for Calcium, (93%)
A little low for for Potassium, at 2333 mg.
Great Sodium, kept it down at 1902 mg.
Carbohydrates & Sugars were a liiiiittle over, but fruit carbs are good!
Cholesterol, as usual, was 0.

Calories In = 1766
Calories Out = 382
Net Calories = 1384


4 thoughts on “[Off Topic] Rescuing Rabbits (Week 7)

  1. Well done you for helping those poor bunnies :( It had to be done and you definately did the right thing. I’m sorry to hear about Lu too, I hope he is better soon, I’ll think positive thoughts for him!!! Take care and love to bunnies :) x

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