[Off-Topic] In Memory of Little Lu (Week 10)

Thank you for understanding about my temporary disappearance lately. As I mentioned in my previous post, little Lu fell sick and needed some pretty intensive home nursing bunny care. Unfortunately, he did not win his battle, and is now somewhere out there nibbling on greens and leaping joyfully into the air. We’ve spent a few days mourning his loss, along with his bonded friend Clover. We’re taking solace in the fact that Lunan was able to go peacefully before his kidney failure caused him to be in much pain, and he showed signs of happiness right up until the end.

Please enjoy this little tribute we wrote, in memory of Lunan~

Enjoying a visit on the computer desk~


Lu was small but mighty. While he loved carrots like all bunnies do, his very favorite treats were kale greens, celery, and banana. We would often spend time snacking together, because those also happen to be some of my favorite treats.

I believe what makes bunnies so special is that they are such a sweet and innocent species. Unlike cats, you will never have a moral dilemma about whether or not to let your bunny eat that poor little mouse. They don’t hunt. They’re herbivores like me. Their simple desires in life are to stay safe from loud noises and sudden movements, snuggle each other, eat lots of delicious foods, get attention, give loves, be quiet, be cute, get their noses rubbed, and snuggle some more.

You may not know that bunnies have the ability to “give up” and will themselves to let go if they feel overly sad or sick. Quite the opposite, Lunan fought very hard these past few weeks to overcome first a bunny cold and then a reoccurring tooth abscess. He took surgery, antibiotics, probiotics, wound flushing, hand feeding, hand watering, and sponge baths like a champ. He easily could’ve given up many times during this process, but, was a tough happy bunny, and did his very best to survive. In the end, his kidneys failed him, and we had to help him go peacefully.

Lu’s first portrait session, the day after we adopted him~


When we adopted him from the Humane Society 3 years ago, he was a shy little guy. His name was Little Bear, which at the time, was not very fitting. He immediately bonded with our first bunny Nibbler, another little guy of the same breed and size, who became his protector, groomer, snuggle buddy, and best friend.

We gave him the name Lunan, as the male form of the word “Luna” meaning “moon”. The day we adopted him was New Years Eve, a full moon, and a blue moon, so naturally his name was tied to the lunar cycle.

Giving his best stoic bunny expression for my Wonderland series~

week 10

Later, Nibbler passed, and Lunan was lonely for a while. We adopted Clover. After an initial scorning in which Clover did not return Lu’s kisses, it took many months for them to become friends. But, just a few months before Lu fell sick, the twobunnies bonded well. In a turn of the tables, Lu picked up the role of the protector bunny. When Clover was scared, she would run and hide behind Lu, oblivious that she was three times his size! Like I said before, Lu was small but mighty. Fast forward three years, and the name Little Bear ended up beinga rather fitting name.

Enjoying the sunshine, tall grass, and the company of his kitty friend Aten~


We knew him as Lunan; Lu; Little Lu; Lulubean; Bean Sprout; Loop Scoop…

My sweet little guy.

He will be missed dearly.


2 thoughts on “[Off-Topic] In Memory of Little Lu (Week 10)

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about Lu :( It’s so sad when they pass and even sadder when they have to leave a little bunny friend behind. I hope Clover is ok too, it looks like you have lots of lovely photo’s to remember Lu with though :)

    • Thank you for your thoughts, Lana. Little Lu will really be missed. Appreciate you taking the time to comment. Clover is mourning, but, is doing well. They were only recently bonded, so I know she’ll be ok. We’re working on training our puppy with her better, so we can add a flappy door to her large pen, and let her come and go as she pleases, to feel more like a part of our family :)

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