Sweet Potato: Plant-Powered Health Coaching

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I’m sure you’ve noticed that One Lazy Vegan has been quiet for some time. Well, as I near my one year anniversary of embracing the plant-based vegan lifestyle, I’ve also ¬†been very busy with some exciting new developments: I’m currently enrolled as a student at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and building my new business Sweet Potato: Plant-Powered Health Coaching.

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GOAL! 70 Pounds Gone Forever (Week 10)

What a difference 65 short weeks can make:

70 pounds lighter,

75 cholesterol points lower,

and 13 pants sizes smaller.

I sure don’t miss ’em!

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Organized Vegan Kitchen: (Part One) Cupboards (Week 7)

I’ve found myself pleasantly surprised at how easy it has been to transition from vegetarian to vegan, with just a little effort. If you’ve been reading this blog at all, you probably know that going vegan has awakened a love of cooking and nutrition that I never had before. Now, I look forward to trying all sorts of exciting new recipes, and altering old favorites. But where do you start? Simple. An organized vegan kitchen.

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Vegan Food “On the Go” (Week 6)

Just got back from a really awesome mini-vacation to the Oregon coast in January. No, we’re not crazy ;) It was a great experience for a number of reasons, but among other things, I got my first taste of what it means to seek out plant-based foods away from the safety of my own kitchen! Don’t worry, it’s not as frightening as it sounds.

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Embracing a Schedule (Day 26)

Well, I made it to the gym for two days in a row. I know the gym and I are still in the honeymoon phase, but, I went ahead and enrolled for a year. Whew! Big step! It’s like we’re moving in together or something. Before I know it, the gym will be coming in the front door without knocking, and leaving his socks all over the house.

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