How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Modern Medicine (Week 12)

Four small puncture wounds was all it took to steal one of my organs.

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[Off-Topic] In Memory of Little Lu (Week 10)

Thank you for understanding about my temporary disappearance lately. As I mentioned in my previous post, little Lu fell sick and needed some pretty intensive home nursing bunny care. Unfortunately, he did not win his battle, and is now somewhere out there nibbling on greens and leaping joyfully into the air. We’ve spent a few days mourning his loss, along with his bonded friend Clover. We’re taking solace in the fact that Lunan was able to go peacefully before his kidney failure caused him to be in much pain, and he showed signs of happiness right up until the end.

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[Off-Topic] Winter Solstice

Today is the winter solstice. Celebrated since ancient times as a day of regeneration and renewal. It’s the day we receive the least amount of sunlight, but the way I see it, the one day of the year with the most potential for growth! From here on out, each day will only get brighter and warmer~

Today is also the day Abe and I chose to get married!

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