GOAL! 70 Pounds Gone Forever (Week 10)

What a difference 65 short weeks can make:

70 pounds lighter,

75 cholesterol points lower,

and 13 pants sizes smaller.

I sure don’t miss ’em!

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More Revamping + Day 35

Good morning! Did you miss me? Well, probably not, but, I’m still here and still going strong with the plant-based lifestyle! I’ve got a few upcoming fine-tuning changes to the blog and announcements to discuss~

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Embracing a Schedule (Day 26)

Well, I made it to the gym for two days in a row. I know the gym and I are still in the honeymoon phase, but, I went ahead and enrolled for a year. Whew! Big step! It’s like we’re moving in together or something. Before I know it, the gym will be coming in the front door without knocking, and leaving his socks all over the house.

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